User agrees that during initial consultation with G.A.T.E, one of our G.A.T.E’s Consultants will assess User’s circumstances to determine what study visa options are available to User. If User is eligible for study visa options covered by G.A.T.E’s guarantee and G.A.T.E is confident User meet the criteria for study visa, User will be offered our “No Visa, No Fee” for few countries and “No Admission No Fees for all countries” Guarantee. G.A.T.E cannot guarantee User student visa but G.A.T.E have expertise in evaluating User’s eligibility for study visa which give G.A.T.E confidence for success rate of visa. In case visa is rejected G.A.T.E will refund service charges to the User excluding G.A.T.E’s administration charges. User agrees that student visa is granted by immigration officials or visa officers but G.A.T.E use past experience in assessing study visa applications, success rate and eligibility of the students before G.A.T.E apply for study visa and present User’s study visa case professionally to the concerned immigration/ embassy/ University/college authorities which increase the chances of study visa. In case User go directly with education provider on the contact details provided, then the service selected by User will stand cancelled and G.A.T.E or the education provider would not be liable for any charges/expenses incurred by User, either directly or indirectly in this regard. In case of change of mind after making payment to G.A.T.E ,No refund would be payable for any requests made after admissions/student visa process started and payment already made to G.A.T.E and all unclaimed amounts for such change of mind shall accordingly be deemed to have been forfeited.